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Accessories, Replacement & Repair Parts

Medical Gas Fittings and Accessories Catalog

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Medical Gas Fittings and Accessories Price List

  Pricing list for medical gas fittings and accessories

Core Exchange Program

Replacement parts and selected exchange credit for returned parts and components

Dome Lock

Dome Handle with lock feature for theft prevention

Hose Barbs



Pencil sized hand held flow testers for 0-2 LPM and 0-8 LPM flow ranges

Post Valve Wrenches


Knurled Knob replacement for Cylinder Post-Valve Toggle

Relief Valves (Liquid Oxygen)

Resident Nipple Adapters

Female DISS-1240 to Hose Barb Adapter

Sensors for Anesthesia

Replacement parts for Analyzers. Monitors & Sensors

Test Kit, Oxygen Regulator

Kit for testing CGA 540 or 870 regulators for outlet pressure and flows

Universal Adapters

22 mm Anesthesia Tube and Hose Barb combination

Yoke Washer Seal

Airway Management

Endotracheal Tube Holders (ETH)

Esophageal Detection Devices (EDD)

Bags, Carts, & Cases



Hard Cases

Respiratory Equipment

Automatic External Defibrillator

Automatic Resuscitators

Gas powered automatic resuscitators for emergency ventilation


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Conservers Oxygen          (Ingage Oxysavrr)

Conservers Heliox            (Ingage Oxysavrr)

CPAP Generator          (FloPapp)

Cylinder Valves



How to order

Flowmeter T Block or Y Block Assemblies

Two Flowmeters mounted on a single Dodecagon Block in a Y or T orientarion

Integrated Regulators & Cylinders          (Flopac)

Mass Casualty Assemblies       (Multilatorr)

Systems with Hose assemblies between each Flowmeter. Order info

Mass Casualty Manifolds      (Multilatorr)

Pressure Reducers (adjustable pressure)

Pressure Reducers (fixed pressure)

Pressure Reducer (RW series)

Medical gas pressure reducer from 3000 or 2000 to 50 psi or 4 bar

Pulse Oximeters


Nut & Nipple or Yoke Style medical gas 12 position regulator from 3000 or 2000 to 50 psi or 4 bar

Regulators Double          (Crocagator)

Regulators, InGage, Heliox

CGA 280 or CGA 890 Heliox in 80/20 or 70/30 mixture ratios (60/40 special request)

Tactical Rescue Cylinder

Transfilling Equipment & Supplies

Fill Pots for D size Cylinder

Single or Double Cylinder, Double wall

Transfilling Cascade Systems

Customizable Design with 1 to 6 inlet lines and 1 to 2 outlet lines of different lengths and end type

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Check Valve

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