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Technical Bulletins


Aluminum used in Oxygen Regulators


Brass Insert Style regulators

 The Flotec regulator has the new brass insert model feature and can be checked for compliance (TB-BrassInsertStyle.doc)

Flow Ranges

Listing of available flow ranges for: Regulator Single Window, Regulator Double Window, Mini Right Hand Regulator, Mini Left Hand Regulator, Flow meter Single Window, Flow meter Double Window, Blender Flow meter Single Window, Flow Control Valve, Direct Flow, and Flow Control Valve, Reverse Flow.

Flow Tolerance

Complete listing of all the flows available from Flotec with the standard low and high limits (special tolerances available on request)

Helicoil Maintenance

Procedures for preventative maintenance and repair (TB-Helicoil Maintenance.doc)

How many different combinations are there for Flotec Regulators

There are more than 4,095,077,575,680 different combinations to customize your Flotec regulator.

Inlet Connector Specifications for DL

The CGA (Compressed Gas Association) Flotec part number reference  to each medical gas for the InGage regulator line (ref. R-Engineering Specification DL Inlet Connections)

Inlet Connector Specifications for RW

The CGA (Compressed Gas Association) Flotec part number reference  to each medical gas for the RW series regulator line (ref. R-Engineering Specification RW Inlet Connections)

Gas Connector Specifications

The CGA (Compressed Gas Association) and DISS (Diameter Index Safety System) standards by medical gas (ref. M-Gas Specification)

MRI Certificate of Compliance

Flotec Aluminum and Brass Regulator are Certified to be MRI Safe and MRI Compatible

Medical Device Interactions with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems

The Meaning and ramifications of MR safety or MR compatibility and a background of MR theory and the effect the MR environment

MRI (Magnetic) Compatibility of Flotec Integrated Valve Regulators (IVR)

Why Flotec Flopac is Compatible with MRI applications (TB-MRI Compatibility Flopac.doc)

Outlet vs Cylinder Pressure

These are  the nominal performance charts of the Flotec 50 psi regulator showing the outlet pressure expected from know inlet pressures. (ref. R-Outlet vs Tank.123)

Problems Solved

Listing of typical regulator and Flowmeter problems that can be eliminated by using Flotec products. (ref. SB-Problems Solved.doc)

Safe Practices for Handling and Operating Oxygen Equipment

Comprehensive guidelines and training on safe practices for handling oxygen (TB-Safe Practices for Oxygen.doc)

Service Manuals, Install Instructions, and Operating Instruction Inserts

Procedures for Flotec products

Yoke Washer Alert

Do not replace factory installed dynamic seals on any Flotec Oxygen Regulators with any non-Flotec washers or seals. (SA-Yoke Washer Seal (draft).doc 10-14-03)

Yoke Washer Seal

Special packaging and pricing for replacement seals. (ref. SB-Yoke Washer Seal.doc)