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External PDF drawings on selected part numbers

Halo Handle Welded, OutGage, part # FPT (Oxygen)


External PDF drawings on selected part numbers

Halo Handle Welded, OutGage, part # FPT (Oxygen)

Halo Handle Adapter, OutGage, part # FPB (Oxygen)

No Handle OutGage, part # FPH (Oxygen)

Halo Handle Welded, Brass Body external gauge, part # FP9 (Oxygen)

Halo Handle Welded, OutGage, part # FPG (Steel Tank) (Oxygen)

Bent Handle Adapter, OutGage, part # FPC (Heliox)

Halo Handle Welded, OutGage, part # FPD (Medical Air)

Cutaway PDF drawings on selected part numbers

Halo Handle Welded, OutGage, 3000 psi cylinders, part # FPE (Oxygen)


                                                               2006 EMS EXPO                   PRODUCT AWARD




Customer Benefits


   OutGage -Available in either      0-3000 or 0-4000psi models. Easy to read, lo-profile, color coded dial. Can be used with Carbon-Fiber and new 3000psi Aluminum Cylinders 

   Manual Shut Off Valve - Prevents the cylinder tank from venting though the regulator and offers maximum degree of safety in the event of regulator leakage, compromise or failure

   Internal 20 Micron Inlet Filtration -Stainless Steel Sintered Depth Filter ensures maximum inlet filtration Protection

   24 Flow Ranges Available -  From 1/50 of a liter thru 60 LPM

   One or Two DISS-1240 50 psi Check Valves Available  Other Medical Gas CGA and DISS Connections available

   All Brass High Pressure Conduit, Including gauge assembly

   Oligodynamic Plating on Brass Components offering antibacterial germicidal agent properties

   Latex and Nickel Free

   Anti-Blowout Design w/ No Snap Rings  All modules are connected via Machined, O-Ring Threaded Seals. Burst pressure tested to more than 7 times normal working pressure (>14,100 psi)

   No Metal-to-Metal Contact Points Along Gas Flow Pathway  Eliminates internal spark potentials due to friction related contact

   MRI Compatible & Safe when valved to Aluminum or composite cylinders





with new


Style Protective Handle










Available for use with following Medical Gases


Medical Air




Flotec, Inc.                                   

ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 13485-2003 Certified 

Transfiller Benefits

   Solid 304 Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Halo Handle Assembly. Maximum Protection against external impact damage

    Heavy Duty Service with Outstanding Impact Resistance

   All Metal Construction No plastics covers to crack and break. Open design is easily cleansed of collected dirt, debris and bacterial and vial pathogens

  All External Components and Couplings Within Outer Diameter of Halo Handle and Cylinder

   Standard CGA 540 High-Pressure Fill Port with Custom External Check-Valve Connection Opens mechanically when fill whip is attached. No need for time consuming bleed down to vent cylinder

  Incredibly Fast Vacuum and Fill Time Compared to other available products. Fill pathway completely bypasses the regulator and the internal relief valve mechanism allowing for a proper vacuum to be achieved in less time along with quicker filling cycle.

  Burst Disc Provides Full-Time Protection

 Custom Laser Engraving and  Corporate Logo emblems available

  Interchangeable Modular Design   allows for maximum versatility & customization of flow rates, outlet configurations and anodized color choices.

Meets EN738-3 Global Safety  Specifications



Medical Air Flopac with CGA 346 fill port and DISS-1160 Check Valve Medical Air Flopac side view with Yellow Hose Barb flow outlet Medical Air Flopac front view showing Shut Off Valve, InGage window, Flow display window and Flow Control Know