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EMSAR Authorized Repair Agreement - EMSAR parts repair agreement for Flotec Inc. regulators, Flowmeters and Pressure Reducers (Issued June 25, 2012)

FDA Draft Guidance: Class II Special Controls Guidance - This guidance is intended support the reclassification of pressure regulators for use with medical oxygen (Issued February 27, 2007)

FDA And NIOSH Public Health Notification - Oxygen Regulator Fires Resulting from Incorrect Use of CGA 870 Seals (Issued: April 24, 2006)

FDA PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY - This guidance is intended to alert hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities to the hazards of medical gas mix-ups (Issued March 2001)

FDA Rethinks It's Position on Aluminum Regulators - Based on the number of reports is low compared to the number of regulators in use and there are probably a number of contributing factors responsible for the fires (Issued March 3, 2000)

NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality/Injury Investigation Jan. 6, 2000 - Aluminum Regulator Fire Injures One Fire Fighter-Nevada

FDA And NIOSH Public Health Advisory - Explosions and Fires in Aluminum Oxygen Regulators (Issued February 1999)

NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality/Injury Investigation Feb. 5, 1999 - Oxygen Regulator Flash Severely Burns One Fire Fighter - Florida

Flotec Response to FDA & NIOSH - Flotec's Fire Resistant, Unibody Regulator is the safest, most durable, versatile design available

Uni-guard Plating Process - Breakthrough for Brass Regulators provide an Oligodynamic and Germicidal effect while remaining non-allergenic

EMS Expo Top 20 Products - Flotec's Flopac, Integrated Valve Regulator recognized as one of the Top 20 New Products at the 2006 EMS Expo